The Champagne Club

Scott is a lifelong lover of grower Champagne and has started importing some hard-to-come-by gems after years of research to complement our Burgundy imports.  Small-grower Champagne means that the producers use only their own estate fruit to produce the wine, their production is small and the wines taste of their specific terroirs — in stark contrast to mass-produced Champagne houses that buy fruit from hundreds of growers and produce hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of cases! The Scott Paul Champagne Club will only include Grower Champagnes.

The Concept

Much like our , the Champagne Club’s main purpose is education. Twice a year, you’ll receive a 6-bottle shipment that will have a unifying theme — an exploration of vintage vs. nonvintage Champagne, or perhaps a focus on one appellation within Champagne, or a study of dosage level or the different varietals that make up Champagne.  You will learn how Champagne is made, different styles and techniques, and better understand the region’s history, villages, people…

The Mechanics and the Perks

Champagne Club Members will receive a 15% Discount on all Champagne Purchases at Scott Paul Wines and Free Admission to our Champagne tastings throughout the year. An educational kit will be emailed at the time of shipment loaded with tasting and producer notes, maps and information on that shipment’s Champagne topic. There will be a spring (March/April) and a fall shipment (October/November) and your credit card will be charged at the time of shipment.

Club packages can also be held at the winery for up to two months, after which time they will be shipped.  We will schedule a fun Pickup Party when the wines are ready and you can be sure we’ll have some bubbly waiting for you. Each shipment will contain six bottles of Champagne, with the wine cost ranging from $250-$300, which will reflect the 15% discount on the wines.

There is no fee to join and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Contact Kelly Karr, or 503-319-5827. We will need a billing and shipping address as well as a credit card.