Oregon's Willamette Valley stretches from Eugene in the South to the border of Washington State in the north.


The Valley is nestled between the Oregon Coast Range in the West and the Cascades in the East. Its northern latitude – combined with its warm summer days, Indian Summers, and cool fall nights – lends a vibrant acidity and inherent freshness to the region’s wines.

At Scott Paul Wines, we work with four distinct vineyard sites within the Willamette Valley. It is our job, as stewards of the land and pursers of our craft, to ensure that the distinct nature of each vineyard imparts its own unique stamp on our wines.

We believe that the path to pure and unadulterated Willamette Valley fruit comes from thoughtful, purposeful and sustainable practices in the vineyard. Throughout the growing year, we work to encourage microflora around the vine and build abundant soil microbe populations throughout the vineyard.

In accordance with organic and biodynamic practices, we do not use pesticides or herbicides at our sites. We believe that the subtraction of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides makes for a healthy microfauna in the vine row, in the vine and on the resulting fruit, allowing for more expressive wines.

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Starkly Layered, Impressionably Subtle and Magic


Maresh Vineyard is situated high in the Dundee Hills on a beautiful south-facing slope. Planted in 1970, this is the fifth-oldest vineyard site in Oregon and the oldest in the Dundee Hills AVA.

We consider Maresh Vineyard to be one of the most expressive vineyards in the state. We’re incredibly grateful to work with this site and with the Maresh family. We currently lease a portion of this historic vineyard and began farming it biodynamically in 2007. Walk down any row in this vineyard and you’ll see tree-trunk sized vines, you’ll smell fresh soil and you’ll notice the teams of beneficial insects constantly buzzing by.

The Scott Paul Maresh Vineyard blocks are planted primarily to the Pommard clone, are on their own rootstock and are spaced 8’ x 12’ wide (common practice in the 1970s). The fruit from Maresh consistently shows incredible balance of exotic red fruits and layers upon layers of minerality and lingering texture. Visit the Maresh Vineyard website.

Maresh Vineyard Stats

  • Location: Dundee, OR
  • Grape Type: Pinot Noir
  • Clone: Own-rooted Pommard & Wadensvil
  • Size: 10 acres (our leased sections)
  • Elevation: 500’-700’
  • Soil Type: Jory
  • AVA: Dundee Hills
  • Year Planted: 1970
  • Root Stock: NA
  • Vines Per Acre: 486

Youthful... But an Old Soul, Teeming and Iconic


Youthful... But an Old Soul, Teeming and Iconic

Azana Vineyard sits high on the steep slope of Bald Peak Mountain (about 750-feet elevation) in the Chehalem Mountains AVA. The site faces due south and its view stretches far into the valley – over the Dundee Hills and south to the Eola Amity Hills. The soil at Azana is 100% Jory (a volcanic derivative that is characteristically high in iron and red in color).

Planted in 2008, we farm the site Biodynamically and harvested our first crop in 2011. Already Azana shows an inviting complexity and is becoming one of our more standout wines in the cellar. A young vineyard with an old soul.

Azana is primarily planted with Pinot Noir with a small, high-density block planting of Dijon clone and a small block of Chardonnay. Instead of sectioning off each block by clone of Pinot Noir – as we do at our other sites – we planted a field blend (a mixture of Pommard and Wadenswil clones destined to be picked and fermented together). The resulting wine expresses “what the vineyard gives us” in a harvest year, rather than what each clone provides individually. The sum is truly greater than the parts.

Azana Vineyard Stats

  • Location: North of Newberg
  • Grape Type: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Clone: Mixed Clones and Field Selections of Pommard and Wadenswil
  • Size: 6 acres Pinot, 0.36 acres Chardonnay
  • Elevation: 750’-950’
  • Soil Type: Jory
  • AVA: Chehalem Mountains
  • Year Planted: 2008 Pinot, 2010 Chardonnay
  • Root Stock: RG & 3309
  • Vines Per Acre: 1,833 Pinot, 5,120 Chardonnay
  • First Single Vineyard Bottling: 2012 Quatre Journaux Pinot Noir


Michael Mega planted Nysa Vineyard in 1990. Fruit from this site has gone into many of Oregon’s top wines over the years. We’re honored to contract just over two prime acres that are dry-farmed to our specifications. Wines from this site tend to show the textbook qualities of Dundee Hills Pinot Noir – bright red fruits, white pepper and Asian spices, and a distinct minerality that gives the wines a crystalline purity that we absolutely love.

Nysa Vineyard Stats

  • Location: Dundee, OR
  • Grape Type: Pinot Noir
  • Clone: Pommard, Wadensvil, 115, Coury and 777 (SPW gets 115)
  • Size: 2.2 acres (our leased sections)
  • Elevation: 650’-720’
  • Soil Type: Jory
  • AVA: Dundee Hills
  • Year Planted: 1990-2006
  • Root Stock: 3309
  • Vines Per Acre: 2,220

Cocoa, Lush and Wild Vines in the Heart of Ribbon Ridge AVA

Ribbon Ridge

Cocoa, Lush and Wild Vines in the Heart of Ribbon Ridge AVA


Dewey and Robin Kelly’s nine-acre Ribbon Ridge Vineyard sits in the belly of – you guessed it – Ribbon Ridge AVA. The Kellys purchased their property in the early 1970s and were married on this special site nearly 25 years ago. In 2001, they realized their dream of planting a Pinot Noir vineyard. In addition to being wonderful people and having the astute foresight to plant in what would later become the Ribbon Ridge AVA, the Kellys are fixtures in the Oregon culinary and wine community.

At Ribbon Ridge Vineyard, we have several smaller blocks – totaling 4 acres, equally split between Pommard and 777 clones – situated on sedimentary Willakenzie soil. The vineyard site slopes South-East and is planted on 5’x5’ spacing. Neighbored by Beaux Frères Upper Terrace, Brick House and Bryce Vineyards, this is truly a favored site for Pinot Noir. Ribbon Ridge is a certified L.I.V.E./Salmon Safe vineyard.

Ribbon Ridge Vineyard consistently shows a spiciness, dense fruit and layered textures. For more information go to the Ribbon Ridge Vineyard website.

Ribbon Ridge Vineyard Stats

  • Location: 8 miles northwest of Newberg, Oregon
  • Grape Type: Pinot Noir
  • Clone: Pommard, Dijon 777
  • Size: 9 acres
  • Elevation: 425’-500’
  • Soil Type: Willakenzie
  • AVA: Ribbon Ridge
  • Year Planted: 2001
  • Root Stock: 3309C
  • Vines Per Acre: 1,452